Sunday, April 29

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In Honor of Charlie

Team Charlie

Team Charlie

Friends and Family!

My dear friends Patrick Garrison, Kate Kingen, and I will be running a 5K in the Our House Grief Support Center RUN FOR HOPE on Sunday April 29th.

Our House is an incredible organization that I have been familiar with for years and have referred many clients to. They provide free counseling / grief support services to anyone who has lost a family member or loved one. And Karma Rescue, where I adopted my beloved Charlie from, is one of the organizations participating in this incredible event.

Karma Rescue does so much more than just help animals in need! They have a prison program, where inmates serving a life sentence get to train a dog for 12 weeks to become a Canine Good Citizen, a program for Veterans with PTSD, and they also go in to schools all over Los Angeles with their "Reading Isn't Ruff" team to help educate children all while visiting with a dog (or sometimes two!)

I am participating in this event because Charlie change my life. He dispelled all myths I previously had about pitbulls and this grotesquely misunderstood breed. He brought me joy during a time in my life when I was lacking it most. And he simply gave love to everyone he met. Even though I only had Charlie for 10 months and lost him unexpectedly to cancer, he forever changed my life and will be in my heart each and every day.

And I am also participating in this 5K for my Mom, Nancy, because Our House Grief and Loss Center is a place that I myself considered going to when I was dealing with the devastating loss of a parent. They do incredible work and I am honored to be a part of this event.

It would mean the world to me if you would consider donating! Even just $10 helps Karma Rescue reach their goal so they can continue to save the lives of countless animals in need, while also changing the lives of people in the community!

Katherine, Patrick, and Kate


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