Sunday, April 28, 2019

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There's No Place Like Our House

RANDI Geffner

RANDI Geffner

When I was growing up, my parents ingrained in us that our house was always open, that there were no strangers, that there was a place at the table for anyone who needed one. Our House embodies that spirit.

Compassionate, interactive, loving, encompassing grief support should be available to all who need it. Our House changed my life. Please help provide this welcoming home to others in need.

Your donation in any amount makes a huge difference.



raised of $3,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. LCLorrie Cavanaugh
proud of you my friend. always doing good for others and challenging yourself to be the best you!!!
2. ACAlex Cutler
3. MSMaura Schafer
Love you
4. ?Anonymous
Go Randi. You are truly an inspiration. ❌⭕️ The Bleibtreu’s
5. MRMina Rush
I can't remember if I donated already so just in case, here it is (again...maybe???) Best of luck Sunday. You are a WONDER WOMAN!
6. ?Anonymous