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Janice Minsberg

Janice Minsberg

It was 20 years ago this coming August that I first became aware of Our House. I was one of the lucky/unlucky ones who found themselves in a room full of strangers who quickly bonded over loss. My group was a Young Widows group, and while each of us wished we weren’t part of the group, we were all grateful for the support and understanding we found there.

When I participate in the Our House Run For Hope annual fundraiser on April 29th, I will once again do so in memory of Chris Idoine almost 20 years after his death. In addition to honoring his memory, I run so that others can find a bit of help and comfort in their time of need. I run for kids who lose parents, parents who suffer the loss of a child, adults who lose a parent, as well as widows & widowers.

Our House has age specific and loss specific groups, and no one pays more than they can afford. They also provide on-site counseling after a death in a school or workplace. And three weekends every summer, Our House hosts Camp Erin, a weekend-long camp for grieving children.

I run because I have seen the good that Our House does. Ironically, I guess you could say that my gratitude to Our House is undying.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to this worthwhile organization. No donation is too small. Thank you!



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