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Laurie Burrows Grad and Peter Grad were married for forty-seven amazing years. Hence, PeterLaurie’s Team Page!

Peter and I were inseparable, spending every moment we could together. Peter died suddenly while we were on vacation and my world crashed around me. In the aftermath of Peter’s death, I discovered I hadn’t just lost a beloved husband—I’d also lost my social status. People simply didn’t know what to do or say about my newfound widowhood. Everyone said, “let’s have lunch,” instead of “let’s have dinner.” Suddenly I was totally demoted to lunch!

I began blogging about grief and telling the world that grief is not a four letter word! With humor and pathos, I spoke candidly about Talking to the Bereaved 101 – what to say, and what not to say to those in grief. I spoke about Widow’s Sleep Problems, How to Cope with the Holidays, Cooking Dinner for One, and how to find her New Normal. I published a book to help widows cope called The Joke’s Over You Can Come Back Now and found that the feedback from those in the throes of grief was heartening and helped me on my journey through grief.

A friend told me about OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center where I joined a group. It helped so much, that I joined the board and made OUR HOUSE, and the message of grief support, my passion.

Please join me in making a difference for those in desperate need of grief support!


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1. ?Anonymous
Always happy to support you! xoxo Betsy & Harold
2. HBHeidi Berkley
Wish I could join you but since I can't, you go girl!!
5. SDSuzi Dietz
In honor of my intrepid friend Laurie. You go, girl! xo Suzi
6. SEStephen Eisen
Wish we could buy him back