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New to fundraising? First time participating in the Run For Hope?  We’re here to help! Follow these easy steps to becoming a successful fundraiser, and cruise your way into fundraising success! Every dollar you help raise will go directly towards providing essential grief support services to children, teens and adults. 

Check our our FUNDRAISING TOOLKIT for a step-by-step on how to share about the event and fundraise for OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center! You can fundraise as an individual or as a team! 

It's important to personalize your fundraising page, where your friends, family, and co-workers go to sponsor you online. You can do this by logging in to your Fundraising HQ. There you can:
  • Share your reasons you're running by editing the text on your page.
  • Create or change your custom URL that links directly to your fundraising page.
  • Upload your own images or videos.
  • Set or change your fundraising goal
You can log back in to your fundraising page at any time to see who's donated, thank them, send personalized emails, and invite others to join your team or sponsor your run! 
Your fundraising page is your own personal platform to share your story and spread the word. Be sure to share the link with everyone you know and ask them to sponsor you on your Run For Hope! Don’t be afraid to follow up or send reminders (studies show it takes 3 asks before the average person will take action), and remember to thank your donors! You can share the link by: 
  • Sending an email through your Fundraising HQ—the link is automatically included in all messages you send and there are templates to choose from and customize!
  • Connecting your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to your HQ to post outreach messages to all your social media contacts.
  • Copying and pasting your custom URL into your fundraising outreach emails directly.

Fundraising can feel challenging, or even scary, but it's not! Your friends and family are waiting for an opportunity to give, and you are providing them that opportunity! If you start by asking 10 people to donate $50 each - you have already raised $500! You can invite your donors to register and join you at the event to see the powerful impact their dollars have on our community.