Sunday, April 28, 2019

Teams and Walkers

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Current Group Members receive FREE registration to the event! A promo code will be provided to you at your group meetings, and through email notification. 

If you are planning to invite family and friends, please be sure choose the "Create a Team" option when registering, and share the team name with those who will be joining you. Please do not share your promo-code, as FREE registration is just for our Current Group Members. 


  • Receive two free registrations + 2 personalized shirts, one for themselves, and a second for the parent/guardian who will accompany them.
  • Will have the opportunity to participate in the children's ceremony at the Run For Hope festival and share about the person they are running in memory of. 

  • Receive one free registration + a personalized shirt. 
  • Are encouraged to bring a photo to the event to be added to our memory wall, or turned into a wearable pin. 

Group members are welcome to bring their shirt photos into the office for our reception staff to scan and process in order to complete their shirts.