Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Not quite Cinco de Mayo, but close enough!

Mark Baumohl

Thank you for checking into my page. This year my message is short and sweet.

The Short: Our House - Grief Support Center has been laying the foundation for sustained growth to deliver hope to the ever increasing population of children and families who have lost a sibling, child or parent. Your generous contribution allows us to deliver our support to more and more people in Los Angeles County and now expanding into Orange County.

The Sweet: Please check out this link to a short video that expresses the beauty of our Run For Hope.

Last year i wrote a long message to you letting you know why Our House for me? I hope the video tells the story.

Full disclosure - I will not be at the Run this year. I am traveling to see my son who is on his semester abroad. But my heart will be there and my team - Team Armanino - rocks!

Thank you from all of us.


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