Sunday, April 29

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Lori Winslow - Run For Hope 2018

Lori Winslow

Lori Winslow

Hello Friends and Family!
As you all know, I spend a lot of time volunteering for Karma Rescue and I'm also helping by participating in the Run For Hope 2018 fundraising event so that they can save more lives this year. Every little bit helps and is much appreciated! Have to be honest, I'm not actually running in the event which shouldn't surprise anyone that knows me but the money is for a good cause........


raised of $500 goal

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1. LWLauren Whipp
2. SShari, Jessica, Lindsey, & Phoebe
Thank you for all you do!
3. BWBrandon Winslow
So proud of you, Mom! You do amazing work with all these great pups!!
4. SWStacy Wallen
Running, walk-in ornstanding on the sidelines we’re cheering you on!! ????
5. SCSimone Cohen
Whether you run, walk, or just cheer on others, seems like a good cause!
6. TThe Sackler Family
We love you!!! Love, Marla, Jerry, Sydney, Ryan, and Coco
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