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In Memoriam - Kermit Yost - April 20, 2018

Bradley Yost

Bradley Yost

I am walking in Memoriam of my father Kermit Yost who died April 20, 2018. All donations will be made in his name and honor. I'm beginning this fundraiser on April 20, 2019. One year after my father's death, I am still grappling with its reality. I'm asking for small donations to reach a goal of $365 to donate in my father's honor to Our House Grief Support Center. One dollar for each day I have grieved since his passing.

Of one thing I am certain, I would not have managed my immense grief as well without the love and support of the friends I made at Our House Grief Support Center. The death of a loved one is a LIFE-CHANGING event and Our House offers life-changing resources and help for those who are grieving.

The OUR HOUSE Walk ‘n’ Run for Hope provides an opportunity for current and past group participants to celebrate and honor the memory of those close to us who have died.  A day to share grief, healing and love, OUR HOUSE is building community, fostering hope and connection. OUR HOUSE is a non-profit that provides the community with grief support services, education, resources, and hope, serving children, teens and adults.
Please support my participation in the 2019 Walk ‘n’ Run for Hope! With your donation, you can make the difference in the life of someone grieving. Your donation at ANY amount makes a difference. Please do not feel compelled to give money; I welcome friends and family to also share their gratitude for and memories of my father which I will always cherish.
Thank you for your support!

A son,
Bradley Arthur Yost



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