Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Karma Rescue

Offering even more outreach, more awareness, and more community, as one of this year's Presenting Sponsors, Karma Rescue highlights the day's themes: the value of support and the journey to HOPE.

"Animals remind us how important it is to give unconditionally and be present in the moment. They inspire us by example. My vision for OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center, Karma Rescue and Wags & Walks is to have these three wonderful organizations collaborate by uniting people and animals at their most vulnerable times, helping them provide solace and support for each other." - Jackie Hollander, OUR HOUSE, Karma Rescue, Wags & Walks Volunteer

We are Karma Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating a compassionate society, providing safety, refuge and protection for all animals and strengthening the animal-human bond. Rescuing as many dogs and cats from Los Angeles’ notoriously overcrowded animal shelters, we work tirelessly to provide the necessary medical care, behavior assessment, training, socialization and other essential elements to match as many dogs and cats with caring owners while helping cities reach and maintain a No-Kill status.

"The power of healing lives is in all hands and paws. When they join together a solid bond forms made of truth, compassion, love and trust. We can give animals our hearts and they will protect and cherish them. There are no words that need to be spoken. We can be together just as we are in that moment." - Karma Rescue Founder, Rande Levine

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